hello from tyler.

just a brief note to say that i've never felt fully comfortable using a 'band unit' focused platform to expound upon ideas and actions which are not necessarily related to specific band related topics. so, for those interested parties who wish to stay current with my activities as an artist and human being, you may now direct your browsers to my own personal blog, located at tylernewman.livejournal.com.

i will be focusing more on general information relevant to activities including (but not limited to) my main projects, some of which you are surely unfamiliar with.

more on topic: we are continuing with the tour prep, which is going well so far. unfortunately, we've run into a snag with a couple of the US dates, but things are still 100% on track for Europe. once i have a listing of all the US dates, i'll make it available here!


tour planning

so, we're going through all the tour planning stuff now. figuring out the setlists, and how we're going to put all the technology together. it's trickier than it probably seems. since we're flying to europe, we have to keep things pretty stripped down...the challenge is doing that without compromising the presentation and quality of the show.

i think we've arrived at a really excellent idea, one that will only get fleshed out more as we go through rehearsals. it's going to be pretty fucking great, i think.

gotta buy a bunch of gear, and figure out wireless frequencies for europe...so we know all our wireless gear will work when we get over there. just more stuff to check off the list.

if anyone has any special requests from the setlist, i'm interested.