ongoing mixing and schedule

making good progress with the mixing. we hope to be totally wrapped up in just a few weeks, which includes the rest of the final mixing, artwork and mastering.

then, we will get the digital EP of remixes of 'Temporary' and 'My True Love' together, and make that available for free! lots of great submissions for that one, we're definitely looking forward to getting that out there.

the album 'ARENA' will probably be released in august, if all goes according to plan. yes, that's a ways off, but we really want to line it up with a proper tour, and touring in the summer just sucks. so, it's better to do it this way.

in any case, here's a video of us mixing our new version of 'The World Belongs To Us'. it is fucking awesome, and you are going to shit yourselves when you hear it.


Informatik & Funker Vogt Tour

hey everyone! so, i just want to clarify something regarding the upcoming Funker Vogt tour.


we had been talking to their management about doing the US tour as the opening act, however, after seeing their proposed tour routing, we decided it was not in our best interest. we told their booking agent and tour manager, as well as Metropolis, that we were no longer interested in doing that tour, on January 16th.

it has since been brought to our attention that venues are expecting us to appear on this tour. while this is very distressing to us, there is nothing that we can do, other than to let people know that we never agreed to do this tour, and will NOT be appearing.

please help us get the word out, that this is not happening. i really do not want people thinking that we fucked up and bailed for no reason! 



mixing "a matter of time"

so, we're busy trying to do all the final mixes for ARENA by the end of the month. anyone who's worked with either of us musically before will tell you that we have really different working styles. i tend to kind of use "big brush, broad strokes" methods, and da5id is really about making millions of tiny details add up into the complete picture.

to me, this is really a benefit to how we make records...i do a lot of the front end work, getting the song and arrangement fleshed out, and then da5id comes in and cleans up all my slop, and focuses on making the song listenable. of course, we work together on all of these things, and the roles aren't terribly well defined, but as a general rule, da5id tends to be more anal rententive about things than i am.

as good of a working method as this has been for us, in the final mix stages, it does tend to get a little tedious for me. someday, in my ideal future, there will be a two person mixing workstation, where multiple people can be mixing the song at the same time (with one person being able to decouple from the main playback timeline, to focus on cleaning up small details). but until that particular dream comes true, i end up sitting on the couch while da5id does things like tuning reverbs, and correcting note velocities, just listening to the same song, and same sections of that song, over and over and over.

here's a video of how i've spend my entire saturday since breakfast (and it's dinner time now).


studio tour!

hey everyone! i shot a little video tour of my studio, while we're in the final stages of mixing the new album. i thought it might be kind of interesting to sort of show the room that i've been working in for this new record, it's a relatively new room..."ARENA" is the first album i've worked on in here.

You can check the video out here, or go to youtube and watch it in HD.