informatik on the twitterscapes

yeah yeah, we get it, we get it. it's not cool.

we think twitter is a little on the wack side, BUT we know that people seem to enjoy getting twittered and twatted and whatnot, and all the kids say it's a must do. "kids today" seem to miss the irony of being referred to as "followers", but i digress.

so, we have caved to the demand and gotten a twitter account. you can, like totally, follow us at:


where you can read bite sized pieces of minutiae about our upcoming albums, tours, etc etc.

not sure how often we will actually post, but there you have it.

ps, i warn you now that we don't know what we're doing on that thing, so don't be offended if we don't reply to messages in any kind of reasonable fashion.

all new nymphomatik.com

so, we used to have this really excellent website, back in 2002 when we released "Nymphomatik". evan from battery did it, and it looked great. but then, we couldn't keep it updated and we got busy doing other stuff like making "Re:Vision" and all sorts of other things, and the website eventually went out of date and we took it down.

when myspace came along we basically rerouted the domain over to our sweet ass myspace page, and just left it there. i mean, why not, it has a music player and pictures and videos and all kinds of shit that people like to look at.

but we did this remix contest and wanted to do a nice digital release of the best tracks that we received, and we didn't have a good place to host it that would look and feel like something even halfway decent.

so, to the best of our decidedly non-web oriented abilities, we have crafted an all new website, which you can see in all of it's glory here at:


you can download the 'beyond remix contest' album from there, and we'll be adding more content to the site as we go. but for now, you should all be going to the site, downloading the new remix album and rocking the fuck out!!


beyond remix contest

so, the remix album is now complete!! we have a final track order and artwork and the mastering is done, and the shit is HOT!! we'll be releasing this very soon, and will have more details once the release is up, but needless to say we're very excited about getting this one finished.

in lieu of any actual music, here's the cover artwork...

anyway, i'm sure you will all dig this. it has a really diverse lineup, in terms of musical style, ranging from hip-hop to progressive house to terror ebm. lots of up and coming acts that you're sure to hear more from in the future, as well as some more well known names.

so, stay tuned, this thing will be live in (hopefully) about a week or so.