ongoing mixing and schedule

making good progress with the mixing. we hope to be totally wrapped up in just a few weeks, which includes the rest of the final mixing, artwork and mastering.

then, we will get the digital EP of remixes of 'Temporary' and 'My True Love' together, and make that available for free! lots of great submissions for that one, we're definitely looking forward to getting that out there.

the album 'ARENA' will probably be released in august, if all goes according to plan. yes, that's a ways off, but we really want to line it up with a proper tour, and touring in the summer just sucks. so, it's better to do it this way.

in any case, here's a video of us mixing our new version of 'The World Belongs To Us'. it is fucking awesome, and you are going to shit yourselves when you hear it.

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