beyond remix contest

so, the remix album is now complete!! we have a final track order and artwork and the mastering is done, and the shit is HOT!! we'll be releasing this very soon, and will have more details once the release is up, but needless to say we're very excited about getting this one finished.

in lieu of any actual music, here's the cover artwork...

anyway, i'm sure you will all dig this. it has a really diverse lineup, in terms of musical style, ranging from hip-hop to progressive house to terror ebm. lots of up and coming acts that you're sure to hear more from in the future, as well as some more well known names.

so, stay tuned, this thing will be live in (hopefully) about a week or so.


  1. The Temporary (Encoder remix) is just brilliant. Thx for the download.


  2. I've also uploaded a new remix of "My True Love", using the kit from the contest:
    If you liked the Meta Sektion remix of "Temporary", this should meet with your approval *grin* - downbeat electro, and some judicious use of cut'n'paste and pitch-shifting to get Da5id's vocals to work with the new backing arrangement. Enjoy!