all new nymphomatik.com

so, we used to have this really excellent website, back in 2002 when we released "Nymphomatik". evan from battery did it, and it looked great. but then, we couldn't keep it updated and we got busy doing other stuff like making "Re:Vision" and all sorts of other things, and the website eventually went out of date and we took it down.

when myspace came along we basically rerouted the domain over to our sweet ass myspace page, and just left it there. i mean, why not, it has a music player and pictures and videos and all kinds of shit that people like to look at.

but we did this remix contest and wanted to do a nice digital release of the best tracks that we received, and we didn't have a good place to host it that would look and feel like something even halfway decent.

so, to the best of our decidedly non-web oriented abilities, we have crafted an all new website, which you can see in all of it's glory here at:


you can download the 'beyond remix contest' album from there, and we'll be adding more content to the site as we go. but for now, you should all be going to the site, downloading the new remix album and rocking the fuck out!!

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