come together

the new single is more or less wrapped up, we're doing the final mix of the last track while i'm typing this. damn, this shit is hot! the new single, which i mentioned before, is 'Come Together' which is the lead track on Arena. this one is very definitely aimed at the dancefloor, so for all of you who were waiting for us to do more stuff like Nymphomatik, this one is definitely for you! should be mastered by the weekend, and off to metropolis early next week!

we're also wrapping up some of the ancillary shitwork for metropolis, stuff like new bio's for the website, and text for the distributors. yeah, real rock star stuff, don't be jealous!

on top of that, we're starting to plan out our first music video, which will also be for the new single. not entirely sure what we're gonna do yet, but we have some definite plans in the works. i'm really looking forward to shooting this! i'm hoping that it'll be ready for the album release date in august...so, hopefully editing won't take an eternity. those kind of things can really drag out if you're not careful.

also, we just want to say thanks to everyone for downloading the remix contest album! we've had over 1500 downloads so far, not bad for a legitimate free download (i'm sure if it was on some pirate torrent site, we'd have double that or more, but we're hosting it ourselves)!! hope you're all enjoying it!

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