the fine art of making dance music

you know, it's been a while since da5id and i made actual "Dance Music". having ridden the trance train about as far as we possibly could on Nympho and Re:Vision, we kind of said "no more" when we started working on Beyond.

so, now we've done Beyond and Arena, and those albums have their own sound for sure, not dance music but something that's probably a little more interesting. and since Arena won't be out for a while (August 18th, to be exact), we started working on a single to promote it.

the single is for the track 'Come Together', which is the first track on Arena, and definitely one of my personal favorites from the album. and we though, maybe we should do some club mixes.

i'll admit, it's been a while since i set out to make some music to shake your ass to. and it's pretty fuckin fun, i have to say...

the mixes are sounding quite amazing, and i challenge anyone to try and stand still while listening to these. if DJ's don't pick these tracks up and use them to rock the dancefloor, then they will certainly be depriving people of achieving maximum ass shake-age.

the 'Come Together' single will be available on July 21st from Metropolis.

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