well folks, we're getting ready for liftoff. all equipment has been thoroughly tested, everything packed and ready to leave. t-shirts are manufactured and ready for pickup. we're as fully rehearsed as possible.

we leave for the east coast this sunday at 10am. that's gonna be rough. but, we're as ready for a tour as we've ever been.

i'll be updating this blog as we go from city to city, wherever there's internet access. we're bringing multiple video cameras, hopefully we can get some videos posted here and on our youtube channel from the tour. so be sure to check in every now and then over the next thirty days or so...

more updates coming real soon...


  1. I'm so excited to see you guys in Rochester! I've waited like 5 years!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in Rochester as well....

  3. I guess the show has been moved to California Brew Haus? I was reading that on some of the different myspace pages...

    and then found it here : http://www.freetime.com/?q=content/departments/informatik