tour report - richmond

so we made it through our flight to the east coast with no real problems. had a little bit of a snag with the luggage weight, but managed to make it through that without getting overcharged. made it to dulles, where keith (worlds best tour manager) picked us up in the greatest minivan of all time. after a few minor detours, we made it over to dinner, and then headed out to richmond. i have to say, virginia has more cops than any other place i've ever been. made it to the hotel with no issues, and crashed out.

the richmond gig was really amazing, we had such a great time. if you're ever in richmond, i definitely recommend you check 'fallout' (the venue), it was awesome. a really great club, and we met a ton of great people. did a really good interview backstage, i think we got some good questions, and i think we gave some really good answers.

we had a few minor technical hurdles, mostly with the bass guitar strap falling apart during the set. but we powered through it, and even did a special thing during "don't be afraid" that we'd never done before, kind of an 'mtv unplugged' type of presentation.

after the show we went to a little afterparty scene, where i got a little too drunk, and left my coat. oops! well, it'll get sent to ned's place in chicago so i'll have it for europe.

this morning, got up, had a great lunch, and hit the road for delaware. staying with da5ids parents, who fed us a crazy awesome dinner and now it's time to crash out. i am going on 36 hours with no sleep, can't think anymore and keith is busting my balls about my slippers.

we'd like to thank all the awesome people in richmond that we met: jackie, megan, willian, shawn, scott from rvafreaks.com, tucker, project wiretrapper, myotis, jessica, sarah, and everyone else we may have forgotten.

here is an awesome picture of all of our new richmond friends!! we'll see you next time!

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