informatik will take your questions now

so, da5id and i want to do a video interview type of thing in advance of the upcoming album [ARENA], sort of in the diggnation style, where we take questions from fans, etc.

if you have anything you've always wanted to ask us (eg; "why haven't you guys done a proper US tour"), or wanted to know more about (eg; "why is tyler always wearing a vest") or just want to tell us how awesome we are (eg; "i really loved syntax, whats with all this shitty rock music you're doing these days"), this is your chance.

questions will not be censored, but we do reserve the right to select only the 10 best (we don't want to make this an epic feature film). i'm going to try and keep this to one take, so it's as "real" and honest as possible.

if you wanna know anything, please post it in the comments, and i'll let you know when the video is complete. ps, i'm not gonna answer any questions posed in the comments, in the comments. you're just gonna have to wait like everyone else ;)

thanks everyone!


  1. How do you write your material? Everyone agrees that the last two albums have seen a dramatic evolution in the Informatik sound, so I'd be interested in hearing your stories about how they were created, and the way you wrote the tracks for "Arena".

  2. Hi Guys,

    I'm interested in knowing how you guys come up with the lyrics. Most of the materials you guys write have such deep lyrics. What is your inspiration for this?

    Also, as a side-question, how is the Din_fiv project coming along? Do you think we can see anything soon?

  3. Will you have the live drummer when you tour?

  4. Ok, I'll bite.

    You made reference to how your sound has changed over the past decade or so, and I certainly agree. But I don't think it changed nearly as dramatically as it did between the last two releases. This has happened with many other bands, and I'm just wondering, why? I mean, it's certainly an artist's perrogative to change their sound, but what lead you to do so?

    It seems that often at the peak of many band's popularity, they suddenly decide that oh, hey, what we've been doing with relative success, isn't good any more, time to change things all around. A precious few bands have managed to still sound fresh and evolve by making progressive changes to their sound without completely skipping genres entirely.

    As a fan, it's sort of a let down to pick up a new release by one of your favorite artists only to find that it's not at all what you were expecting or hoping for.

    And yes, I still hold Syntax near and dear to my heart. That's what happens when you release an album that goes on to become a classic. It may seem sorta crazy from your perspective, but, albums like that defined part of where the genre is today and had an effect on people's lives because of it. It's only natural that we're still attached to it.