so, we're extremely close to the end of making ARENA! right now we're proofing the artwork, and doing some last minute layout decisions. all the mixes and mastering are complete, and the record sounds pretty fucking amazing, i have to say.

i think people are definitely going to be surprised when they hear this album. the new direction that we're heading in is more well defined on this record, and the remixes are definitely some of the best we've ever gotten. but even so, there's stuff that will even please the older fans who won't let go of Syntax (seriously, we love you guys, but c'mon that record is a decade old now!).

overall, its been a good experience putting this record together, and i think it sounds better than any of the other albums we've made. it definitely feels like the sum of our combined musical experience, i would say.

my next post should hopefully have the final album artwork to show you. the artwork this time around is a big departure from previous albums, in my opinion, but really symbolizes the direction of the new material.

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