tour report - braunschweig (and our day off)

after rostock, we had to make some detours...through hamburg, so that we could stop by jans office and pick up some more equipment (yes, to fit more things on the bus), and then to return to the markthalle (where we did the first show) to pick up the merch that we left there before (yes, to add even more things to the bus!). we did that load-in at 5:30a.m., you can imagine how exciting that was!

i woke up again, and we were parked in a hotel parking lot. since it was a day off, we had to get a hotel for showering purposes. we had some equipment that needed fixing, somehow the guitar pedal unit was acting strangely. so it was nice to have some time to actually spend time fixing some issues in a non-mobile environment.

unfortunately, the day was rainy, and the venue was kind of distant from anything worth walking to, so we had to basically sit around on the bus and in the hotel rooms. still, it was a good time hanging out with everyone, just chillaxin.

the promoter came and took us all to dinner via several cars, out to an italian restaurant. i managed to get a vegan pizza, quite delicious. the only problem was that aaron's dinner arrived well after everyone else had already finished! but the food was good enough that it didn't matter too much. after dinner, aaron, mesh and the crew went over to a 24 hour bowling alley...apparently aaron showed those guys some moves! da5id and i went back to the bus for further chillation, passing out early so we could try and get caught up on actual sleep.

the next morning, we turned out to be parked directly next to the venue, we only drove about 50 meters to the loading zone. load in was quite simple, no stairs this time! unfortunately, we had no internet backstage, so it made for quite a long day of waiting! i was able to do a little bit of catch up on emails and blogging, but couldn't actually post anything. soundcheck was quite simple, as always, and i thought it was going to sound pretty good.

janosch went on, and got a really great crowd response. we had high hopes, then we went on, and it wasn't quite what we expected. crowd response was essentially non-existent for the first half of the set, but they did warm up a bit by the time we got to the guitar switch-off section of the show. we doubled up our energy as much as we could, and powered through to the end. not in the best of moods after this show, but they can't all be the "best show ever", unfortunately.

mesh put on a great show as always, and the crowd was definitely much more receptive to their show. we had decent sales at the merch booth, and people seemed much more friendly on a person to person level. no time for an afterparty this evening,so we pretty much packed up and rolled out. see you next time braunschweig!!!

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  1. yeah german crowds in general will just stand around blankly for opening bands (especially if they don't know the music). but then they'll come up to you after the show and go "that was great!"

    btw erfurt is your best chance to wander around a decent city area... you can walk right into the center of town from the venue, i think as you walk out the front door you take a left and just go straight for a while

    - andrew